Wedding Cake

The first thing I must say about this strain is that it tastes very spicy (to me). Almost like a peppery type of spicy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not unpleasant, but it did take me aback since I was not expecting it. It also has an earthiness to it; my mind keeps imagining a... Continue Reading →

Snoop Dogg G Slim Series

This was my very first vape pen. I still remember walking down venice beach looking for a bong, when I stumbled upon the G slim snoop dogg pen. If I remember correctly, I believe I bought it for $30 bucks. Mind you it was right on the boulevard so it was definitely overpriced, but a... Continue Reading →


**Update Aug2020** This blog started out as a creativity exercise and to sort of put my thoughts out there in the world. While it was fun, I am now in a phase where I would like to solidify and promote my own "brand". A lot of influencers out there (yes that's a pretty common thing... Continue Reading →

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