Snoop Dogg G Slim Series

This was my very first vape pen. I still remember walking down venice beach looking for a bong, when I stumbled upon the G slim snoop dogg pen. If I remember correctly, I believe I bought it for $30 bucks. Mind you it was right on the boulevard so it was definitely overpriced, but a spur of the moment purchase. When I first got this pen I was amazed that I could be smoking weed out of this tiny contraption. It really is quite small and if you didn’t know any better (back then), you definitely couldn’t tell it was a vape. Mind you I bought this back in 2015, so I did a quick google search and found this post on the site.

Now let’s talk about function. This vape utilizes conduction heating via a metal coil at the bottom of a small chamber to heat up the herb. When I first got it, I loved it. It was small, easy to conceal, and it held just enough bud for me to have some while I was on the go, without having to sit down and have a smoke session. It came with this really cool metal tool for cleaning that I use (to this day!) for my other vapes as well. The downsides I would say are that the chamber is quite small, so it only holds enough herb for personal use on the go, not for sharing. Also, there are five holes right before the mouth piece that eventually get gunky and can be hard to clean.

Mostly though I love this pen because it really got me started on the vaporizer road and I have fond (nostalgic) memories of it. Definitely a great beginner vape, though let’s be real, there are way better beginner vapes out there nowadays!

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