This blog started out as a creative exercise to sort of put my [high] thoughts out there into the world. While it was fun, I am now in a phase where I would like to establish and grow it in order to grow my impact and inspire my audience to feel comfortable with their cannabis experience. My goals with this blog are to inspire, inform, entertain and review.

I want to inspire you with positive messages, positive vibes and energy. I want to inspire you to try cannabis if you so wish, safely without judgement or stigma.

I want to inform you of all the cannabis products, experiences and destinations out there, of where the cannabis culture is thriving.

I want to entertain you by sharing my personal cannabis experiences with you and creating content you value.

Lastly I want to review cannabis-related products so you know which ones are worth spending money on, with discount codes for the brands I love.

I’ve always been a cannabis lover, thus I have been building (and continually improving) this site to bring you high quality cannabis lifestyle and travel content. I am very active on instagram, follow me to find out when new posts are up! Feel free to leave topic ideas in the comments or through the contact form.

Stay lit


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