Elephan-T is his name. He is currently my favorite pipe and every time I use him I feel my kid self giggle because he is just so damn cute. I actually haven’t had Elephan-T for very long but he does carry sentimental value. Last October I had to go on a work trip to Mexico and I decided to merge my already-going-to-Mexico vacation trip with it (big mistake!). One of my oldest friends met up with me in Cancun (we actually synced on the second flight which was dope), for the vacation part of my trip. My brother lives in Cancun so I try to go visit at least once a year (pandemics excluded 😅). I was so excited for this trip prior to my work trip being added to it. My corporate industry job was a huge stressor at the time and quite frankly it ruined my vacation (among other things 🙄).

However! I have a very fond memory of purchasing Elephan-T. My friend and I were shopping around for gifts on our first day at the resort, when I saw him inside one of those mall-type glass kiosks. The ladies at the kiosk were leaving, and I asked how much, she gave me a super deal I could tell (probably since they just wanted to go home). My friend and I exhilarated by our purchases headed to our room to check them out. I loved him and I got him right at the beginning of our stay at the resort so I got to use him in my balcony (courtyard? I’m not sure what it’s called if it is on the first floor) for the rest of our stay. Definitely an upgrade from the pink stone tiny pipe which I bought right when we got to Playa del Carmen on our first day. So here he is in all his glory, enjoy his radiant beauty y’all 😜. 


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