Space Alien

High Makeup #1 – Space Alien

Full disclosure, I initially wanted to do a cannabis-inspired makeup with “rasta” colors (see below). However, I did not find any true reds in any of my makeup palettes! So I had to sort of give up that idea and start fresh. I will probably do it in the future once I acquire some new palettes.

From Pinterest

The High Makeup series is all about yours truly toking it up and then doing full-face makeup. My makeup skills aren’t terrible, but let’s face it I am no professional. I like doing my makeup for special occasions, but I don’t typically wear makeup in my day-to-day life. Thus, High Makeup time was born out of my desire to do dope makeup while being ridiculously high. This round of High Makeup is inspired by my hair and an eye palette that my mom just gifted me, Morphe 35C. I noticed that Morphe 35C included a lot of colors close to my hair or within that color scheme, which is what I went for.  

I seriously thought that it would be hard to do my makeup high, but then I realized I’ve been low-key always doing my makeup high. I only do my makeup when I go out, and when I go out I usually vape some bud while getting ready. In reality I think the worst thing that happened was that time passed more quickly than I realized (which happens to me often). Now the makeup part was a bit more difficult, not because I was high but because I had planned to do a tutorial (following someone) but instead I winged it. I decided to do a smoky eye with these three colors:

Colors used: Fancy this, Ready to Mingle, Heels on

The end result came out pretty in my opinion, but I wished I could’ve done a better job shading with the dark color (Heels on). I also wish I would’ve applied some eyeliner, but all in all not too shabby! 


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