APX 2 Vaporizer

Pulsar APX2 Dry Herb Vape

Before I graduated to proper vaporizers, I used various vape pens which still burned the flower to a degree giving it a different flavor. However, the Pulsar APX2 dry herb vaporizer was my first convection type of vaporizer. A convection vaporizer has a chamber in which the herb is placed which is then heated by the heating element. The heating element does not directly touch the flower and therefore there is no combustion happening. When purchasing my first convection vape, I did some research and found the APX2 to be the least expensive ($69.99), while still offering me the specs I wanted. I wanted to experience a convection vaporizer without breaking the bank to see if it was worth it. I was really happy with my purchase which was about 3 years ago, so much so that I’ve purchased two more since then (my dog chewed one of them, though it still works!).

In the box you will find your vape along with a box of accessories. The accessories include a usb charging cable, a cleaning brush, a metal stick tool for stirring and an extra mouthpiece silicone insert. The reason I really like this model is that it is so portable and discreet. I’ve lived in states where it didn’t matter but also in ones where it does, and this vape is so low-key that I can utilize it almost anywhere. Some of the positives I would say are that it really does not burn the bud, it is easily concealable, it does not produce a lot of smell (and the vapor is very tasty), one bowl is enough for personal use, it has different temperature settings and it has a pretty alright battery life. Some of the cons are that the mouthpiece can get pretty hot after constant use, it is not great for sharing, it can get clogged after a while with heavy use and if you’re a heavy user the chamber is pretty small so multiple refills would be required.

Overall I would definitely recommend this vape if you need a discreet way to medicate on the go or if you practice micro-dosing. This vape is definitely easy to take to concerts and outdoor events since it is so small and the vapor is quite mild smelling. This is not an ad, but I am reviewing all the vapes I own. So if you want a look, here is an unboxing video of my APX2 dry herb vaporizer by Pulsar.


Unboxing APX2 Dry Herb Vaporize in Blue

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