Glass Art

My sweet boyfriend acquired these two new pieces for me a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to try some other pieces besides the ones we had at the time. Our glass art collection is not very big right now because we’ve done a lot of moving around in the past couple of years. Our surviving glassware at the time includes two bongs (Leeloo and Perky) and two pipes (Elephan-T and SanDiego pipe). We had two other small-ish bongs and a fancy bubbler that are sadly no longer with us, RIP (Lumiere, Sandy, and Blue). I quite like glass art and glass pieces so I try to get new during my travels if possible, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of traveling lately due to the pandemic. I also like to name my pieces even if they are not the most creative names 😋. Sandy and SanDiego pipe, we got while we were on vacation in (you guessed it) San Diego. That was a particularly cannabis-filled fun trip, which I will write about in more detail in another post (coming up!). Lumiere was a particularly pretty looking bubbler, we named him lumiere because he looked fancy and kind of French 😆. For Perky, Leeloo, Lumiere, and Blue my boyfriend low key just showed up with them one day (on separate occasions of course), and I was not mad about it. 

Sandy, Blue and Lumiere (left 3 images). Perky, Elephant-T, Leeloo and SanDiego pipe (right 3 images).

Back to the newly acquired pieces – I gave him free range to pick them, my only criteria was that they were visually appealing, so I was quite excited to see what he would bring home. He did not disappoint! I will say my favorite of the two is the green bubbler, who I think I will call Bubbles. I adore Bubbles! He is just so hecking cute. I enjoy the simple yet visually appealing design. It is a very satisfying piece to use because of the design which is not only aesthetically pleasing but comfortable. The one thing I foresee maybe being an issue is cleaning. The intricate spiral might be tricky to clean, but I’m not too worried about it.   


As far as pipes go I am fond of this one, I think I will call it the rasta pipe (because of the colors in the swirl). It’s hard to tell from the picture but it is actually slightly tilted upward when you smoke it (rather than a straight/flat pipe). I really liked that part of the design, I think it makes it less likely for you to accidentally swallow ash, although if you suck too hard towards the end you’ll swallow ash anyway (do not recommend). I had a great time using both of these pieces, rasta pipe came with me to our mini vacay (canna-vacay!) at the lake. Check out my instagram reels to see me using both of these beautiful pieces.

Rasta pipe

Who else is a glass art fan? Let me know your favorite kind of piece!


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