Gelato & Grape Kush

Hi y’all, today I am going to share my experience with Gelato and Grape Kush, both of which I had the pleasure to enjoy during the latter part of August. I have to say, I miss both of these strains because they were very well balanced for me. They were actually similar in effects producing euphoric-like state of mind and physical relaxation. I could focus and be productive but also sit back, relax and not be an anxious stress-ball.

Grape Kush was very delicious indeed. The sweet grape-like smell was almost immediate and quite pungent as soon as the volcano started filling the bag. I was drinking a peach flavored sparkling juice the first time I tried it (Izze, delicious). When I took my first puff from the bag, it tasted as if I had just inhaled grape juice vapor 🍇 with hints of citrus (blew my mind). It tasted bright and dangerously delicious. Similarly to Gelato, with Grape Kush my mind was clear and I could be productive and focused if I wanted, which was nice for daytime hours. My body was incredibly relaxed and I felt heavy but in a cozy, comforted sort of way. I felt very calm and able to go deep in thought, introspective. Overall, mentally energized and euphoric is how I would describe my state of mind. I would say this is a happy strain, I felt uplifted and positive which for me is extremely helpful when dealing with depression. I miss Grape Kush already, and hope to pick up some again soon!

The main flavors I got from Gelato were peppery, sweet (cane sugar like) and floral/hoppy. It was tasty in my book. The effects of Gelato were euphoric; I felt my mind was “crisp” (legitimately what is written in my notebook 😂). Things looked brighter and more crisp, as if someone had turned on HD mode. It felt like a cerebral high and I wanted to go deep in thought and talk, I got pretty chatty. However, I could still sit down and be productive if I wanted to, making this an ideal daytime strain for sure. It allowed me to focus while feeling happy, calm and physically relaxed, overall a very nice smooth high. I think next time I get Gelato I will try to enjoy it at an art show or something heavy on visuals, or if I am specially achy as it relaxed and helped with muscle soreness significantly.  

Have you tried either of these strains? and if so, did you enjoy them/were they helpful?


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