My Story

It’s been a few months since I started my online presence (September 2020), and I thought it would be a good time to write a little bit more about myself and about the reason why I started this cannabis blog along with my social media platforms.

Everything started with this blog, the domain name “” came to me during a high conversation with my now husband. I googled it and to my surprise it was available on! I just had this feeling that I HAD to get the domain before someone else snagged it, and that’s how was born (I was most definitely high). My initial goal when I created the blog was to write more. As a Scientist, I had to do a lot of technical reading and writing for the past eight years! So, I wanted to start developing my own writing style due to my lifelong dream of writing a book about my life one day.

Once the blog was created, I figured I needed a platform to attract readers from, and out of all the platforms out there I was already pretty familiar and enjoyed spending time on instagram. Thus @beasbakedthoughts was also born. I never could have imagined then the vast and amazing cannabis community that exists on instagram. You can really surround yourself with stoners, any kind of stoner you can imagine! It is incredible. (I’m a little sad at the moment, because instagram has been pretty harsh towards the cannabis community lately, but that’s a whole other conversation to be had). I would say the best thing that I’ve gained from being a cannabis content creator in the past few months is the friendships and support that I’ve received from the cannafam on instagram. Like all communities, it has its own pitfalls, but the community has kept me going when instagram (and social media censorship) makes me want to quit.

I will try not to make this forever long, because boy I can ramble, BUT another reason I started this blog about cannabis is to be able to share my experiences with cannabis & mental health with you guys! Why? Because I thought, if this plant has helped me, and someone like me sees my content, it might also help them. I suffer from what I now know to be Bipolar Disorder (BPD) type II. This means that I deal with a lot of depression, as well as hypomanic episodes. I won’t go into the nitty gritty, but let’s just say I’ve been involuntarily hospitalized due to it. At my worst, I ended up in locked in-patient care 4 times within the same year, including a month long stint in a dual-diagnosis psychiatric rehabilitation program. No, I’m not a drug addict, nor am I an alcoholic, but they sure tried to convince me I was both (with plenty of medications to “fix it”). Don’t get me wrong, I know people that have a problem tend to say that haha, but in reality I know I DO have a problem, I’m bipolar AS F*CK. Once I found out the actual culprit to my chronic un-wellness, I started adapting my life so that my mental illness wouldn’t completely rule my life (slowly mind you, that shit is HARD). I also started paying more attention to how cannabis affected me and which type of strains helped more for the type of mood swing I was in. More recently, I started trying CBD products, which to my surprised have also helped me! I don’t know why I was so skeptical about CBD, but I am glad I gave it a shot. I am currently in the midst of trying more CBD products, hoping to find which products help best for different purposes (i.e. anxiety, sleep, panic, relaxation, etc).

Fast-Forward to a few years later (December 2019) when I had to go on disability from my corporate scientist job in Massachusetts. My illness got so bad that I ended up having to partake in a partially hospitalized program (voluntary outpatient treatment). At that point, I had been diagnosed and in treatment for a couple of years for BPD. Part of my treatment was weekly therapy, monthly psychiatrist visits and daily medication (besides cannabis). I had taken myself out of a hole before and I was certain I could do it again, but the circumstances up north (as I like to call it lol) felt all up against me. My dream chemistry job was tainted and eventually became my nightmare job due to my direct supervisor (failure in communication). There was little to no daylight about 5-6 months out of the year, I woke up to go to work and it was dark, I left work and it was dark. My depression started getting rapidly worse the moment winter started (this was my third winter in Massachusetts). I just couldn’t take it anymore, I firmly believe the only reason I lasted as long as I did was because of weed and my love of science. Cannabis seemed to be the only thing that kept me going because everything else seemed so grim. Everything else FELT so grim, utter despair. ANYWAYS, I decided it wasn’t worth it and I packed up my little family and moved back to Texas, my home state. Unfortunately for me, I went from having complete legal access to cannabis, to not so much.

I honestly would not dare to complain, because even though I have to be much more careful and rely more heavily on CBD, my soul is not crushed daily as it was when I lived up north. I had no idea that a pandemic was about to unleash as I returned home (yes to live with my parents!). We were lucky to leave when we did, because a week later the first few cases of covid-19 were reported in Rhode Island (which is where our house was). I had the silly notion that I would find another job in science when I got to Texas, once I was in better shape to apply and put myself out there. NOPE. Pandemic hit, I don’t think I have to explain how difficult it has been to find a job during these times. SO, I decided to give myself something to do and started this blog, started googling how to do stuff and a few months later here we are! I do apologize for the lack of blog posts lately, I got married, took some time off, and I spent time trying to figure out how to best deliver my content.

I’d like to share what is currently in the works for Baked Thoughts! This is my main site, where you can reach anything Baked Thoughts is involved in. I am actively working on growing my blogging audience. Here on the site you can find any other platform, as well as blog posts about cannabis lifestyle, wellness, mental health & education.

YouTube: I’ve started a You Tube channel where I will mostly focus on unboxing/review videos and 420-crafts (stoned crafts!).

Twitch: I’ve recently started a account with my hubs, where he and I will stream our (mostly stoned) game play and wake’n’bakes. He plays lots of different games. I mostly play Mortal Kombat 11.

Snapchat: Daily v-log style content, more personal, daily clouds, and lots of dogs ^_^

Twitter: Conversational, sometimes vent?, more about what’s going on in my head and needs to get out into the universe.

Instagram: This is a cannabis lifestyle page. I love taking pictures of my herb, and my smoking accessories. I enjoy (more and more) creating lifestyle and wellness content. I am focusing on incorporating more mental health and CBD content. I do also love discovering new products/brands and I am super happy to announce I am now part of the w0lfpack directory of creators. I have been trying my best to adapt to instagram’s new guidelines, but as most cannabis content creators, we are being censored hard! I will keep posting content as it is my favorite platform to post content on, but I am trying to build my other channels as well.

What does the future hold? I have no idea, but I do consider myself a full time cannabis content creator at this point. What started as a coping mechanism to keep my mind busy, has flourished into a passion of sorts and I would love to see it grow to its full potential.

Follow me along on this high adventure.

Stay lifted, <3ea

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