Gold Fumed Button pipe

Hello #cannafam! this is my @w0lfpackmentality review of a 24k Gold fumed button pipe from @fatbuddhaglass  

This glass pipe is absolutely gorgeous and since it is gold-fumed it will change colors as I use it. Also, she is thick 😘 I had the smoothest first hit out of a pipe yet 💨 I was pleasantly surprised, and it was easy to smoke my bowl without having to relight it. I’m still not over it’s beauty, as a girly stoner, ridiculously good looking pipes like this one just make my day 🤩

“Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” —Derek Zoolander 🤣

@fatbuddhaglass is an online headshop out of Maryland that was started by two friends in order to have dope glass at great prices. They have free US shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Check them out for your glass needs!

I hope you guys enjoy these reviews! Hit me up with any questions 💚🤙🏼

Stay Lit, <3ea

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