purr2go hammer bubbler

We’ve been enjoying our holidaze with this sleek purr2go travel bubbler 🎄💨 

I absolutely love the hammer pipe design of this bubbler. It comes apart easily so that you can clean each piece separately. This collapsible bubbler is American made out of medical grade polycarbonate, it is BPA free and shatter resistant. It includes a glass downstem, both a banger and a flower bowl, as well as a case to wrap it all up in. 

I’ve honestly had a lot of fun using this hammer bubbler, it hits quite smoothly! It has become my husband’s new favorite piece and we both LOVE how easy it is to carry & clean 😱👌🏼

This wonderful piece comes from mom & pop California based glass shop @purrglass
They have been in the glass blowing business since 2003 and also provide incredible glass repair services! 

I hope you guys enjoy this @w0lfpackmentality product review.
Model: @tycannasaurusrex

Stay Lit, <3ea

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