ABLIS cbd muscle rub

What’s good #cannafam !? Here I bring you another @w0lfpackmentality review 🤓🤙🏼

Pictured above is a CBD muscle rub from @abliscbd , this particular presentation is 2 oz (TSA approved!) and contains 125 mg of CBD plus 23 essential oils. 

This muscle rub has been a lifesaver for me. I tend to get neck/shoulder soreness and knots from being on my phone/computer a lot. I *felt* this muscle rub warm up my muscles. It was incredible. 

I was so pleased with the smell, I was afraid it would be too much (having 23 different essential oils and all). The main/first scent that hit me however, was camphor. Camphor pleasantly mixed with other scents 🥰 

I also enjoy that it is an aloe vera-based gel, so it doesn’t leave any residue as it absorbs. It was just so relaxing to get a shoulder massage from my husband with this rub both in the way it felt and from the aromatics. This one is definitely a go to when I need a deeply relaxing massage. 

@abliscbd is a company from Oregon that is father and son owned, who’s goal is to make the benefits of CBD readily available to everyone. Check out their craft beverages, infusions and tinctures as well! Use code: bayw0lf (zero not “o”) to save $$


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