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Moose Labs

This is probably one of my favorite finds this month. Moose Labs make MouthPeace which is a smoking filter. You can use it on bongs/rigs, pipes, vapes, one hitters, you name it. I even use it on my volcano balloons to avoid sucking in herb dust. Along with my Grav ash catcher, this product has seriously improved my bonging experience. I have yet to use it for pipes and joints, stay tuned for a review post coming up!

Grav Labs

Grav Labs are iconic for their glass designs. They are elegant and aesthetically stunning while maintaining optimum function. If you want a piece that will go the distance I would go for Grav, I recently purchased an ash catcher myself and it has changed my whole bonging experience.


Cannabox offers a monthly subscription box that includes one awesome glass bong/rig and other ganja related paraphernalia such as wraps, rolling papers, ash trays, lighters, stickers, etc. You don’t have to necessarily sign up for the subscription, you can do a one time buy of the current month’s box to check it out. They also sell individual items that are pretty dang cool, but they sell out fast.

Amazon Finds

Greetings Cannafam, here you will find amazon products I have found and purchased for my own personal use. I only put items on here that I am truly happy with and I would recommend. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Stay lifted 😘